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13 Years
Release Date: 07/06/2013
Catalogue No.: MWTS001
Record Label: Independent/Green Media
Format: CD

Mark with the Sea is the adopted moniker of folk artist Marc Oswin. Marc approaches his songwriting with an honesty – he’s not trying to follow trends – he lets the songs come to him, as they want to be heard, and captures them before they elude him. “Marc Oswin is one of my favourite contemporary songwriters. He has a distinctly Australian voice, but without the bluster that might imply. His songs are literate, poetic and filled with space and contemplation; but they’re also possessed of a hard, quiet anger. I love them, and him.” - Ben Salter (The Gin Club, Giants of Science, The Wilson Pickers).

For fans of Micah P. Hinson, Bill Callahan, David Karsten Daniels



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Mark with the Sea

13 Years

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