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Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide
Release Date: 07/09/2012
Catalogue No.: CD-YEP-2287
Record Label: Redeye / Yep Roc
Format: CD

With their new album, Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide, these textures arrive with unusual clarity. Haskins’ focus may partially be the result of his other recent pursuits: he has spent much of his downtime in the past two years working on two non-fiction book manuscripts, excerpts of which have been published in respected literary and culture blogs and weekly arts newspapers. At first glance the two projects, a biography of Haskins’ Titanic survivor great-grandfather; and a sprawling tour memoir/urban history tract that tries to make sense of four cities that TOC frequents; may seem completely unconnected to Haskins’ songwriting career, but in fact, they all deal with similar themes. “I’m interested in the uses of mythology, whether it be a family mythology or a city’s mythology, and how it can obscure reality in harmful ways,” Haskins says. Thus, Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide is the product of a tireless, obsessive search. Comparisons to fellow-travelers of dark, cinematic meditations like Cohen or Waits are no longer necessary, for The Old Ceremony has forged its own distinctive sound to accompany Haskins’ songs. It is the sound of seeking: for new textures, for hidden corners of experience, for a flash of truth in an otherwise confusing world.


The band consists of Django Haskins (voice/guitar), Mark Simonsen (vibraphone, organ), Gabriele Pelli (violin/keys), Dan Hall (drums), and Jeff Crawford (bass). They tour extensively in the US, Canada, and Europe and have performed with CAKE, Avett Brothers, Chuck Berry, Mountain Goats, and others. Their songs have appeared in numerous films, including Push, I Do and I Don’t, Leading Ladies, Familiar Strangers, and Elephant Sighs (for which they also composed the score). Their fifth album, Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide comes out August 21st on Yep Roc Records.



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The Old Ceremony

Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide

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