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Commercial Music
Release Date: 03/08/2012
Catalogue No.: CH94
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: CD

Commercial Music is Melbourne’s Fabulous Diamonds’ most textured, luxurious album yet.  Whilst their first record was baby steps and stabs in the dark, and their second album reached for an under-produced liveliness, Commercial Music – titled with no hint of irony – is high-brow, young adult contemporary pop music.

Fabulous Diamonds explore each of their ponderous grooves to its fullest, but now the weight is lifted by nuanced arrangements and seamless digital production.

The band recorded in the upstairs room of Melbourne’s John Curtin Hotel, again recording with Eddy Current Suppression Ring guitarist Mikey Young, who worked on their 2010 disc Fabulous Diamonds II.

Commercial Music is both deep and feather light, the heaviest of transcendental pop.

‘Finely textured and bewitching’ – THE FADER

‘The billowing, hypnotic drone of “Lothario” is just as mesmerizing and enveloping as anything else we’ve heard from these two’ - GORILLA VS BEAR



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Fabulous Diamonds

Commercial Music

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