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No Dangerous Gods In Tunnel
Release Date: 27/07/2012
Catalogue No.: CITCD565
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: CD

Peter Black is better known to all but his parents as ‘Blackie’, the guitarist and vocalist for the legendary Sydney pop punkers The Hard-Ons and art-noise trio Nunchukka Superfly.

This album is not quite what one would expect from a Gibson SG-wielding, head-flailing and (mostly) shirtless guitarist - it is in fact a wonderful album of lo-fi, wistful acoustic pop embellished with strings!

With cheeky song titles like ‘Pity Ya Heart’s a Bubble Cause I’m Such a Prick’, this album is sure to surprise but not disappoint.



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Blackie (Peter Black)

No Dangerous Gods In Tunnel

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