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The Wilhelm Scream feat.Washinton/Eel Oil
Release Date: 11/11/2011
Catalogue No.: TRUCD7243
Record Label: Tru Thoughts/Fuse
Format: 7" Vinyl

This seriously limited edition double A-side 7” is out on 14th November 2011 to celebrate ten years of great music from the renowned Australian funk band The Bamboos’, who self-released their first single in 2001 and have gone on to become one of the big hitters of the Tru Thoughts roster, selling tens of thousands of records Worldwide.

The A-side lifts the lid on a new studio recording, an intriguing full string and horn section cover version of James Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ featuring vocals from long-time Bamboos pal Megan Washington (Megan guested on the band’s 2008 album Side-stepper on the eve of her massive success); and ‘Eel Oil’, the incendiary deep funk instrumental track which graced that first ever (and long sold out) 7” release in 2001, is on the AA-side here, making a long-awaited reappearance on vinyl by popular demand.

Bringing classic Bamboos magic backto- back with a current and previously unreleased cut, this 7” shows just why The Bamboos are revered the World over and gain more and more fans with each release, from the deep funk and soul faithful to an ever-widening crowd of music lovers.



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The Bamboos

The Wilhelm Scream feat.Washinton/Eel Oil

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