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Release Date: 16/04/2010
Catalogue No.: DB004
Record Label: Die Boredom
Format: CD Single

The Beautiful Girl's music is a mixing-pot of influences from every corner of the planet. Things they have heard and seen, from their youth to the present. From their own backyard to the many streets of their travels. 10:10 is the second single from the bands fourth studio album ‘Spooks’, due in store May 21st 2010. Both are a combination of everything from the past and everywhere the band is going.

A SIDE- 10:10(Featuring Vida-Sunshyne)

“A song in the tradition of some of those that inspired us most. The Specials. The Beat. The Clash. Punk English Reggae” – TBG

The story is of the archetypal rude boy - 'Rudy' being gunned down in a club for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin.

The time was 10:10.

It addresses racial prejudice, from the killing itself, to the police's indifference on the matter, and highlights the fact that all humans are the same regardless of dress, class or skin. Unfortunately racism is still an issue in this modern world. From Sydneyto London. From Tokyoto Los Angeles. The Beautiful Girls in no way, supports the judgment of another based on race, colour or creed.

10:10features Vida-Sunshyne, a friend of the band of Ghanaian descent. Vida, who has worked with Australian hip hop acts such as Astronomy Class and producer Chasm, has an undeniable presence both in person and on this record.

World music Producer and Bassist for The Beautiful Girls, PaulieB offers the 10:10single release its B-side – DUBSTEP70.  Mashing up Paulie’s Afrobeat and World Jazz styles with some seriously tweaked Dubstep and Dancehall style programming, this instrumental piece reinforces the musicianship, diversity and talent that will drive this band well into the future.

BONUS – IN & OUT– A short video from the studio & the road

Shot by Brisbane film student Mitchell Kennedy, this short movie features behind the scenes footage from the ‘Don’t Wait’ Summer Tour and some insights from the ‘Spooks’ recording sessions.



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The Beautiful Girls


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