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Release Date: 05/07/2008
Catalogue No.: VDL001
Record Label: Viper Deathlock
Format: 7" Vinyl

Early 2005 JUNGLE FEVER and VIPERDEATHLOCK RECORDS teamed up for JUNGLE FEVER'S st 7"ep aka the dino press, this first pressing had 550 7" records pressed and sold out within the the first two months off being available. JF then went on to do a split 7" with newcastles THE DEAD WALK as anticipated this 7" didn't sit around for too long aswell. Jf then went on to trial and error records to relese there smash hits 06 cd that contained both sold 7"s. To commerate the JUNGLE FEVER'S last show VDL RECORDS have come out with a SECOND PRESS of the first 7". Jungle Fever lead the pack of the rising traditionalist / retro hardcore. Having their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, has seen them crossing over well from the punk to the hardcore crowd. With a strong history of shows and supports, most notably a national tour with Sick Of It All and Comeback Kid, Hardcore 2008 will be Jungle Fever's last ever show.



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