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We Wuz Curious
Release Date: 14/06/2008
Catalogue No.: IARLP204
Record Label: Illustrious Artists / Reverberation
Format: CD

Dave Graney and Clare Moore had been playing music since punk rock in the late 70s and found the Nirvanic period to be the last waves of that swell, crashing exhausted onto the shore, bodies everywhere and people like the Screaming Trees blinking hard in the dazzling sunlight of rock festivals rather than dank, tiny rock clubs. Graney and Moore have never put out a bad album. They have suffered from being ahead of the pack. Always. “We Wuz Curious” is their new album, it is the regular and the wierd. Boasting the kind of leftfield songsmarts that have kept these folk in the hearts and minds of music lovers the world over. They’ve just finished a month in Europe with Nick Cave and his cronies and now they find themselves returning home to celebrate the release of this fine new album and it’s signature, crowd pleasing, radio single, “Let’s Kill God Again”.



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Dave Graney and the The Lurid Yellow Mist

We Wuz Curious

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