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Release Date: 26/05/2008
Catalogue No.: ACE039
Record Label: Elefant Traks (Inertia)
Format: CD

‘Summerland’ – The album prospers in this mix: musically, with strings and horn arrangements; drums, guitars, basslines; rhymes and singing – and thematically with the widely varying subjects of the 14 songs. From the deeply affecting “Kids Learn Quick” to the raucous “2020”; from the heart-felt “Time to Face The Truth” to the light hearted “Zug Zug”. The eight band members represent a variety of cultures and influences, creating a unique formation of songwriters. The notable presence of Jane Tyrrell continues the evolving sound of The Herd’s music – lovingly devoted to headphones as well as house parties, and wholly in preparation for the rowdy live shows to come



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The Herd


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