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A Good Day For A Migraine
Release Date: 19/05/2008
Catalogue No.: VT0037
Record Label: Vitamin Records
Format: CD EP

"It's impossible to review A Good Day for a Migraine and not mention Jesse Younan's current battle with leukaemia. The two are inextricably linked, a fact which he makes clear from the start when you pick up the CD: A Good Day for a Migraine references the ailment he was diagnosed with during the recording process of the album. But rather than cloak the music in a morbid black veil, A Good Day for a Migraine, for the most part, is disarmingly positive and optimistic. Even the dichotomous title expresses Younan’s bright outlook. “There are reasons for everything / There’s no coincidences,” he croons on ‘Road Long Been Travelled’. An introspective piece of art, ‘A Good Day for a Migraine’ is one of the most emotional and frankly real albums I’ve heard for a long time. Devoid of pretension, the songs contained within are intimately personal, a dairy set to music as Younan uses his lyrics to evaluate his feelings and make sense of a senseless disease. Take C’est la Vie’ – with lyrics “I’ve got this disease / It’s taking me for a ride / I just wanna get out,” you get sucked into Younan’s spiralling world. It’s really hard to say something negative about this album. Younan’s soulful voice and storyteller lyrics are the focal point of A Good Day for a Migraine, accompanied quite often simply by Younan’s finger-plucked acoustic guitar; roots and folk melodies mixed in with gypsy and Spanish flavours. Being this raw benefits the record immensely, as it’s all about Younan’s criminally underrated songwriting skills. I know there’s a lot of folky singer-songwriters in this country, but give Jesse Younan a chance. Then thank me later". Dom Alessio, The Brag 2008 Indie Album Of The Week



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Jesse Younan

A Good Day For A Migraine

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