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This Delicate Thing We've Made
Release Date: 18/08/2007
Catalogue No.: POWSUGCDAUS1
Record Label: Powdered Sugar Productions
Format: CD

This Delicate Thing We’ve Made sits at the very precipices of a pop culture that has taught itself to embrace genre over any sense of personal artistry. Yet while its brace of potential hit singles will sit perfectly happily next to Natasha Beddingfield and Maroon 5 on the radio, they come replete with their own dangerous factor for a genre-led pop field. They are built from truthful sentiment and a sense of their own individuality. Elsewhere the kaleidoscopic pop triumph ventures into more abstract arenas, whilst still retaining the pure, joyous release of what a great pop hook can and should do. The central crux of the record – How To Build a Time Machine, A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Could Do, The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart and Waking The Monster – were first fashioned at the Phoenix recording sessions. Darren didn’t know that what he was doing was lunacy or bravery. The rest was completed at his new home in Notting Hill, West London. It was made using a temperamental Fairlight synthesiser that the singer had acquired off eBay. Unsurprisingly, the standout tracks, Time Machine, Verge, Casey, Me, Myself and I, The Only One, have a warmth and beauty to their pre-digital age sonic construction. There is meaning to the loosely conceptual time travel theme at the heart of the record, as the hero travels back to the 80s with respectful, modern sincerity.



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Darren Hayes

This Delicate Thing We've Made

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