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More Dangerous Madness
Release Date: 01/06/2006
Catalogue No.: MOTORCD1009
Record Label: Diesel Motor
Format: CD

The second of Wayne Kramer's solo albums released in 1996 to follow up the much acclaimed album The Hard Stuff. Again Kramer delivers scintillating guitar with just as much zeal as on the previous album. This album along with the other reissues do indeed stand out as some of the best punk music ever. Wayne Kramer is still more dangerous than the vast majority of today's cable-ready punks and they could do well to listen and take note. This version comes complete with addition bonus material including a movie video, updated sleeve design and new liner notes. New Musical Express at the time of release gave the album a fantastic review and said of him:"25 years ago he thought America was a festering dunghill of second-hand car salesmen, nothing's happened since to change his mind?Kramer's maintained?his revolutionary '60s fervour; and his music's all the better because of it?"



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Wayne Kramer

More Dangerous Madness

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