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Crack Us Anotha
Release Date: 08/05/2006
Catalogue No.: VEEBEES003
Record Label: Independent
Format: CD

Fair Dinkum Rock'n'Roll, Grog Rock, Bastard V8 Rock'n'Roll, Pub Rock, call it what ever you want. . One thing for sure is it's bloody good fun, and what ever happened to fun!? This is raw, dirty, straight from the guts rock'n'roll, a recording of 4dic kheads playing loud rock'n'roll music in a sweaty room in front a coupla mic's some time a while back. Could be the missing link between Ramones, Motorhead and Rodney Rude. Could be the soundtrack to a back yard barbie washed down with a coupla cold-golds. Could be the national bloody anthem.



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The Veebees

Crack Us Anotha

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