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Catalogue No.: FM09
Record Label: Feral Media / Fuse
Format: CD

‘E-50’ is a stunning follow-up album from Comatone, that opens up the spectrum of sound elements explored on ‘One Into Out’ much further, in particular exploring far more melodic terrain and also adding a much greater detail and sense of vivid colour to these twelve immaculately-produced tracks. Those who’ve often found this type of glitch / IDM electronics slightly antiseptic and cerebral rather than visceral in the past are articularly encouraged to investigate ‘E-50’, as all of the tracks here show Seiler crafting sounds at an almost cellular level, whilst at the same time never losing sight of the wider picture - you can easily hear the emotion that seeps through these twelve tracks. An excellent album that more than delivers on the expectations set by its predecessor, that easily stands alongside such lauded internationals as Rephlex, Planet Mu and the Warp stable. Highly recommended. WWW.INTHEMIX.COM.AU



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