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Night Of the Wolverine
Release Date: 12/07/2004
Catalogue No.: COCK010
Record Label: Cockaigne
Format: CD

Recorded in one day in December 1992, released in 1993, unavailable since 1996, Dave Graney's breakthrough record into the Australian scene is now to be reissued on Cockaigne , and distributed through MGM. The original 12 tracks, as co produced by Dave Graney 'n'the Coral Snakes and super studio cat, Tony Cohen. Features the grinding groove of "you're just too hip,baby", the existential country blues of "three dead passengers in a stolen second hand ford" and "you need to suffer" as well as the powerful lyrical alchemy worked in the "night of the wolverine" itself and "out there (in the night of time)". This is one of the greatest and most timeless records ever released in Australia. As an added bunch of bonuses (boni?) , there is a "what happened next" element to the re release with 6 (six) extra tracks added to the collection. These consist of three tracks from each of the last three Dave Graney Show cds as well as a track from Clare Moore's "The third woman" solo set of 2002 and an unreleased track from Coral Snake keyboards man Robin Casinaders ever growing back catalogue. The cd ends with a recently recorded version of the title track done by Dave Graney in the french language, "La nuit du wolverine".



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Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes

Night Of the Wolverine

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Track listing - Disc 1
You're Just Too Hip, Baby
Night Of the Wolverine 1
I'm Just Havin' One 'o Those Lives
I Held the Cool Breeze
I Remember You, You're the Girl I Love
Three Dead Passengers In A Stolen Second Hand Ford
That's the Way It's Gonna Be
Maggie Cassidy
You Need To Suffer
Night Of the Wolverine 2
Out There, In the Night Of Time