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The Third Armpit
Release Date: 19/08/2002
Catalogue No.: V34
Record Label: Valve Records
Format: CD

Nancy Sinatra on crack freaking out on the Residents records and Japanese monster movies as the marching band twirls its baton like a 45 on a 72. Welcome the hyper-editor, echo-laden techno attack of Cobra Killer. CK takes its time compressing into sick psychedelia full of ping-ponging, carnival organ-grinding avant-punk trash. Sounds spin by like years in the time machine, jumping from muffled swinging '60s to endless pogos to the soul-stealing sways, swimming in a twisted gene pool of sound.



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Cobra Killer

The Third Armpit

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Track listing - Disc 1
Cobra Movement
Show Me Your Ruler
Hman A Psychocat
Starsign Fick Feat. Carl Crack
My Own Sodden Wad
Six Secs
Scuba Feat. Max Turner
Type Me A Word
Transilvania Executiva In D-minor
Lambretta Does It Better
Loaders In October
We Are Rebooting
The Crazy Ant Dance