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Release Date: 05/08/2002
Catalogue No.: DK27062002
Record Label: Das Kong
Format: CD

After 10 beautiful years with Custard and two albums with the Titanics, David McCormack has finally taken the time to make the record he's always been threatening is with. Produced by long-time musical collaborator Magoo, and backed by the blistering rock 'n funk of the Polaroids , 'Candy' is the new sound of Kings Cross at 4am, it is the sound of exceeding the speed limit with the tank perilously close to empty, it is the sound of the living dead going out for a quick one before all the bars shut.



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David McCormack


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Track listing - Disc 1
You Broke My Heart
No Imagination
Fashion Police
The Park
Short Leash
The Inner West
Turn It Up
Say Goodnight
Today I Must Do Something
The Faith Healer