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Here Come the Lies
Release Date: 05/08/2002
Catalogue No.: SPOOKY006
Record Label: Spooky Records
Format: CD

Having formed from Perth's Gutterville Splendour Six after relocating to Melbourne the Drones unleash their debut album in August 2002. Inspired by a multitude of artists like Suicide, Hank Williams, Black Flag, Dirty Three and Stravinsky, the Drones have evolved into something that at times sounds like country, dirge riddled blues, garage rock, and straight ahead rock 'n roll. Voted 'Best New Local Talent 2001' in the Age newspaper.



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The Drones

Here Come the Lies

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Track listing - Disc 1
The Downbound
The Island
I'd Been Told
New Kind Of Kick
The Cockeyed Lowlife Of the Highlands
The Scrap Iron Sky
Dekalb Blues
Motherless Children
I Walked Across the Damn
The Country Of Love
Hell and Haydevils
Six Ways to Sunday