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The Stalkers
Raymond Lalotoa vocals

Ben Ely guitar

Ray Ahn bass

Peter Kostic sticks

An all-star punk band called The Stalkers has crawled out from behind the heap of shit music and MOR. It's punk, mate, like what they used to make when punk was bloody, messy and impassioned. It's about hooks and fast tunes. It's about rock 'n roll. Up front singing is a guy rumoured to be from a long line of Samoan royalty, Raymond Lalotoa. Next to him on sharing principal songwriting duties is guitarist and Regurgitator frontman, Mr Ben Ely. With Quan from Regurgitator interned in a Swiss rehab centre, it's been up to Ben to keep the rock flag flying. On bass, please step forward Korean Australian Ray Ahn. Bass player in bands including Nunchukka Superfly, Testicle Candy and The Hard-Ons, Ray reckons that "In Australia, if you wanna play lots of music, you gotta be in lots of bands." Peter Kostic has slowly turned himself into the Incredible Hulk. Drumming like a bitch in bands like Front End Loader has turned this once lithe and lean skinny band-man machine into a muscle-bound rock 'n roll animal.

The Stalkers. A band of blokes. Individuals. Rockers. The guys from The Stalkers are the sort of fellas who have been around the block. They know the difference between image and reality. They've seen shitloads of tryers and wankers come and go. When you're the one on stage, when your video budget is $200, when your self-funded, independent EP is about to come out and no one has heard of you, it comes down to the music. Listen up cos rock n roll just got better.

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