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Delicate Steve


"Delicate Steve is straight up psychedelic instrumental pop music for fans of, well, some seriously trippy music. You could say it kind of sounds like if Dan Deacon decided to pick up a guitar. It will go from experiential Matmos-style click-clack to masterful guitar driven melodies that get constantly layered until it bursts. At first it's interesting to listen to, then you realize how fun that music becomes. Next thing you know it, Delicate Steve has charmed you into a deep slumber. Much like the intricacies of early Animal Collective, Delicate Steve challenges the listener with rewarding results." -Kata Rokkar


" It reminds me of a modern twist on Doug Martsch of Built to Spill, when he went solo." -- Microphonememoryemotion


"As an exploration of the pop-potential of instrumental guitar music, Steve's vision is unparalleled. Amidst adventurous sonic textures, soaring lyricism, and the technical proficiency of a true virtuoso, Wondervisions emerges as one of the most unique and enjoyable records (a very difficult balance indeed) I've heard in a long, long time." - Greg Bortnichak, The Sparta Philharmonic


"When you first hear Delicate Steve's (aka Steve Marion) a few things pop into your head: Stevie Wonder, Dirty Projectors, RATATAT, Ponytail, Neutral Milk Hotel. Then you keep listening and find that thoughts of these other influences have melted away, and questions have taken their place: What is this music? What is the time signature in this song? Is that really a guitar? It has a sense of adventure, originality, and joyousness that makes you want to know: Where did this music come from? "

--Current TV

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