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Not content with just being the hottest men at the party, Watussi are back with their ‘1000% Handsome’ EP.
Legend has it that the record was pressed from a perfect diamond disc that was thrown from the belly of the funky Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia back in the early 90s, only to be discovered years later by a crazy rogue coffee grower known only as ‘El Nero’ who eventually traded it to Watussi’s singer Oscar Jimenez for some Mexican wrestling masks and a jar of honey.

Some say that if you listen to it through certain headphones made before 1987 you can actually hear the liquid hot magma in the drums and percussion, the tectonic plates clashing in thebass lines and the coarse volcanic ash pouring from the horns. The production style of Brooklyn luminary Joel Hamilton (BlakRoc, Tom Waits, Talib Kweli) on Watussi’s latest release gives a tip of the hat to the raucous Latin rock of old and
captures the band's unique Australian/Colombian sound and
From the distorted riffs and relaxed, funky afrobeat of the cheeky opener Watussi Theme, to the back seat Cadillac hip hop of Tu Te Vas featuring New Orleans MC Curren$y, the primal fiesta chants of Coro Coro, and the break-neck speed breakbeat funk of Pipi Loco (a tongue-in-cheek ode to the man that no woman can resist, probably best left untranslated),these charismatic and exhilarating new recordings will keep your feet moving faster than an approaching river of lava but leave you feeling cool like a Pisco sour. Catch the soulful rock and roots rhythms, sultry grooves and smooth moves of the boys from Watussi on their most charming
release to date, ‘1000% Handsome’.


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