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BASKERY is Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson, three Swedish sisters who have been sharing stages since ten years now. They describe their music as “high voltage” and use own expressions like “killbilly”, “banjo punk” and “mud-country” rather than traditional ones, since they’re certainly not bound to any genre. They might play with respect to their fore runners, but Baskery is a band that is right in time, killer musicians with distinctive character and a reckless, unafraid punk attitude.
The album “Fall Among Thieves” is recorded together with Lasse Marten (Lykke Li, Pink, Sahara Hotnights, Peter Bjorn & John etc) at Decibel Studios in the same way albums used to be made in legendary places like Sun Studios and Muscle Shoals, where nailing the perfect live take was the essential thing.
It holds no over dubs and is mainly consisting of first or second takes, all to capture as much energy and pulse as possible. Coming from the live scene, recording live in the studio was a natural choice for the band. The twelve songs on the album are all originals, written and arranged by Baskery.
When it comes to live performances, the band members enjoy themselves on various kinds of stages, from smaller clubs to outdoor festivals and it is all about putting on a killer show. Baskery’s touring always generates numbers of ecstatic live reviews.
Although fairly new as a band, Baskery is a natural progression for the Bondesson sisters from their former band Slaptones with their dad on drums. Signed to EMI, the group released 2 albums and toured the US with The Brian Setzer Orchestra.
Baskery was founded in spring 2006 and signed with Veranda Independent Records the same year.
Greta Bondesson: Six-stringed banjo, tambourine, kick, snare & harmonica, vocals
Stella Bondesson: Double bass, vocals
Sunniva Bondesson: Acoustic guitar, vocals

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