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From the deepest depths of the industrial heartlands of Middle England comes a small ray of light. Since late 2003 a warm glow has steadily grown into what can only be described as a fireball. From this point on let this gentle fireball be known as Einstellung. Einstellung: a personal choice - to perceive the world through ones own eyes... Power, beauty, noise, melody, hypnosis, simplicity. Blending glorious monotonous Krautrock with melodic tones and heavy slabs of Sabbath riffage, whilst finding time to declare sonic warfare on those tinnitus victims who have passed the point of no return. In its early years, Einstellung acted as an outlet for its four members from the day to day trawl of 9 to 5 living. A mutual appreciation of all things warm, loud and hypnotic initially lead to a 28-minute piece entitled Sleep Easy Mr Parker (soon to be released on Bearos Records). The result was far too pleasing to be ignored and with a new found momentum the band moved from what was an idyllic escape, to a full steam locomotion assault. The first album, Wings of Desire is due for release on Chatterbox Records in September 06. The second, as yet untitled album is part way through the writing stage. First and foremost Einstellung enjoy each others company and through this have managed to accidentally create a little bit of sound. This little bit of sound has in turn spread and the warm glow is now seeping out of the derelict factories of Birmingham and settling nicely in the ears of the believers. Word has spread quickly and labels and promoters from the UK, the USA and Australia have made contact with Einstellung. An encouraging sign considering every contact has been through word of mouth. Wir sind einstellung, das das Bumsen Sie sind!

Andrew Parker; Been in various bands. His first band was an awful indie pop band that went by the name of the ‘Slack Band’. Then Black Sabbath entered his world and there was no turning back. He was a founding member of Sally, a British stoner/doom/rock outfit. They signed to Rise Above Records and released 2 albums ‘Sally’ & ‘C-Earth’. ‘C-Earth’ was recorded by Billy Anderson who previously worked with ‘Kurt Cobain’ and ‘The Melvins’. ‘Sally’ toured and played with various bands including ‘Karma to Burn’, ‘Electric Wizard’, ‘Goatsnake’, ‘Cathedral’ and Aussie band ‘Magic Dirt’. When ‘Sally’ split up Andrew was approached by Kat Bjelland from ‘Babes in Toyland’ to play in her new band ‘Katastrophy Wife’. Whilst playing with the band Andrew started a side project called ‘Lash Frenzy’ which involved two guitarists, two bassists, two drummers and Kat Bjelland wailing. The one and only live show consisted of 30 minutes of pure fury. A three song rare album has been recorded and is yet to see the light of day. After a turbulent few tours with ‘Katastrophy Wife’, Andrew left to pursue a new project called ‘Einstellung’.

Steve Hough; Steve has also been in various bands. Being a few years older than Andrew meant that Steve unfortunately had to deal with the 80’s. Luckily for Steve he chose Bauhaus over Jason Donovan. As a local muso Steve found himself in various outfits and tended towards the darker heavy industrial side of music. Being best mates with Justin and the guys from ‘Godflesh’ led to Steve joining the band, recording a few pieces and touring with them form 1999-2000. Not content with just the one band, Steve started his own called ‘Cable Regime’ which was a noisy industrial band with a nod of the head to bands like ‘Big Black’. Steve mellowed a little when he was asked to take up bass duties with a local Birmingham band called ‘Grover’. ‘Grover’ recorded various singles and albums for Bearos records. They also had the privilege of recording a John Peel session. Steve was then asked by ‘Einstellung’ if he wanted to come along and have a go at the bass. He came into the studio looking all solemn and said he would have a listen while we played the first song. Less than half way through the song Steve had picked up the bass, plugged in and written the bass for the first song! Steve also has a melodic soundscape side project called ‘Krafla’.

Si Rider; Being a quality drummer Si found himself in high demand which meant he was in three billion bands. There’s too many to list but credit must go to one of his bands with the best name ever…’The Wimpletoads’ !! After trawling the UK band circuit for years Si was lucky enough to share the stage with the likes of ‘Radiohead’ and ‘My Bloody Valentine’. He started a band called ‘Grover’ which achieved great success both locally and nationally. ‘Grover’ were a melodic soundscape band which touched the hearts of a lot of people.

Andy Smart; Andy is ‘Einstellung’s’ secret weapon. He has played guitar for many years but had never launched himself onto the live scene. Unlike Andrew, Steve & Si…Andy was a fresh face to all the local musos and added a bit of spice. After spending years of playing along at home to the likes of ‘Sonic Youth’ and ‘Nick Drake’, Andy has developed a unique style that perfectly complements ‘Einstellung’.

How it all began; Andrew & Andy knew each other for years but never broached the subject of music as their friends were from a different crowd. One fine summer they found themselves watching a band at the Glastonbury Festival and the ‘music’ chat started. By the next weekend the two of them had rehearsed with Andy playing guitar and Andrew playing keyboard and guitar. A few songs were written and a decision to make it a real band was made. First bass players were scoured for but none of them fitted the bill. Sitting in a room for two hours playing one note is not everyone’s cup of tea! In Andrew’s previous band ‘Sally’ he had played guest guitar for one gig in another local band ‘Grover’. After weeks of persuading Andrew managed to steal Si the ‘Grover’ drummer. Si adored the music that was being made and persuaded Steve (Grover) to follow him. The first Rehearsal sealed the band without a shadow of a doubt. After years of trawling through grotty clubs playing anything from indie through to doom metal all four band members had now finally found a perfect home!

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