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Brian Elkington
'A Mark in Time", a new CD of original songs by Brian Elkington, is a refreshing example of the best of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre. Brian hails from Minnesota, but has lived in Sydney, Australia for the past 13 years.

He was born in northern Minnesota and spent his childhood among the lakes and woods of the canoe country near the Canadian border. Brian first started playing guitar at aged 17, and began writing songs almost immediately. He has played his original songs at some of America's greatest venues, including Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village and the Bluebird Café in Nashville.

During his college years and after, he was half of a musical duo with friend Daniel Mohs. They were known as "Elkington Mohs" and spent 10 years traveling around the United States playing music, including a large number of Brian's original songs. Brian eventually decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee to be a professional song writer. He had several songs published and recorded during his three and half years in "Music City". Brian now lives in Sydney with his wife, Jane, a Sydney native he met in Minnesota, and their three daughters. Brian's life is one of contradictions and unexpected turns. Perhaps it's these juxtapositions that give his songs their richness and depth.

Michael McGlynn, the CD's producer, has pulled together a very talented group of musicians for this album and has also contributed a great deal of his own exceptional musicianship. He plays keyboard, percussion and guitar on most of the tracks as well as singing background vocals. Friends, family, home, accidental lovers and true love are some of the chapters in this story - each one part of the lyrical journey, with steps familiar to us all. "Husband's lament" covers the coming to grips with life's choices. "Odyssey" tells the story of 10 years of chasing opportunities in music all around the United States. "Boomers' Lullaby", is a song that will surely strike a chord with all "baby boomers" and anyone else who has experienced some of life's vicissitudes. Together, Michael and Brian have created a musical experience that, like a good book - is a journey you'll enjoy taking - and when you've finished, you'll want to do it all over again.

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