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Sneaky Sound System
[Dec '06] Australia%uFFFDs numero uno dance act Sneaky Sound System have had one hell of a stellar year. After supporting Jamiroquai on a their national tour of Australia, the core trio of Black Angus, MC Double D and Miss Connie took off to Miami, New York, Italy, London and Hong Kong for a bunch of shows. They toured the country with their 6 piece band as part of the Good Vibrations Festival, released their super debut album and toured the country again (twice), went top 30 with their single I love It, appeared live on countless TV shows, were nominated for two ARIA%uFFFDs (Best Dance Release and Breakthrough Artist), scored the national support slot for Robbie Williams and collaborated with US superstar Kanye West. Their 2nd single Pictures went straight to number 1 on the ARIA Club charts one week after servicing while the groups 4th national tour for the year is about to kick off%uFFFD.yeah it%uFFFDs been a good year!!!

Of course this is no overnight success story. Black Angus and Double D have been putting on parties and playing clubs and festivals around the world since meeting at a dodgy %uFFFDCowboys and Indians%uFFFD fancy dress party in the spring of 2000. As the story goes... in the midst of a lame entertainment line-up that included bull riding, line dancing and a whip cracking exhibition, MC Double D (Daimon Downey), bored and dressed in bright red chaps with tassels, steals a plastic horse from one of the performers and moonwalks across the dance floor with it between his legs. Another event sabotaged, he then nicks off with Black Angus' (Angus McDonald) toy flute and starts playing it. Impressed by his showmanship and dexterity with plastic blow-up toys, Black Angus nicked it back and the two hatched a devious plan. Across town, an old friend of Angus' was about to start a regular Sunday night at his fancy new club. The idea was simple: Black Angus jumps behind the decks; a few live musicians drop in every now and again, while MC Double D does whatever the hell he wants on the microphone. Sneaky Sound System was born.

Of course, that was the summer of 2001 and Sneaky Sound System has come a long way since then. Their mixed CD Other People's Music was released through Sony Australia in 2003, they have played alongside international acts like Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai, Scissor Sisters, Moloko and James Brown; they have toured throughout Europe on three separate occasions playing alongside veterans like Cassius, Roger Sanchez & Erick Morillo, played in the US with the likes of Felix da Housecat, Peaches, Hot Chip and Justice; headlined every club worth playing in Australia and played at literally dozens of festivals in this big wide land of ours. It appears wherever Sneaky Sound System go, one thing is always guaranteed, you are going to be in party central.

In 2004, Black Angus (chief songwriter/producer/music guy) and MC Double D (frontman/man-about-town/MC) decided to start their own record label, Whack Recordings. After hooking up with recording engineer/producer (and Tom Ford look-alike) Peter Dolso, they set up a studio in Bondi Beach called The Whack House, and set about making their own music. The first release was Hip Hip Hooray which immediately gained support from club DJ%uFFFDs and radio alike, and soon become a cult hit for the young and reckless. All was going well, but the search for a super-hot, superlative defying vocalist was not going so well. Then one day as the boys were strolling through Hyde Park, there sitting on a rug with a glass of wine in hand and guitar on lap was this beautiful girl singing this beautiful song. The boys stopped, smiled, listened, chatted, drank wine and suggested a trip down to The Whack House. Sure enough the beautiful girl with the beautiful voice, Miss Connie Mitchell, came on down to the studio and the newly formed gang laid down the vocals for their hit song I Love It. Hairs stood up on the back of everyone%uFFFDs neck and a group hug followed. Now with super-hot, superlative defying vocalist on board, the rejuvenated Sneaky Sound System started recording.

And presto, a slick debut self-titled album has emerged that should do for the local music industry what Paris Hilton did for amateur home videos. It%uFFFDs an album that takes its influences from all over the shop%uFFFDthe world of P-funk, early eighties disco, The Cure, New Order, Human League, Prince, Kate Bush, The Cars, Eurythmics and more modern German electronic producers than you could poke a stick at. Think stiff beats, thick bass lines, lush melodies, haunting vocals, rolling guitar licks and urban tales of love and loss. It is part-melancholic beauty but for the most part, it's party mayhem.

%uFFFDWe%uFFFDre like an electronic garage band with delusions of stadium glory; fantasizing about the day we play to a billion people at the next Live Aid?%uFFFD


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